my SongBase       

For WINDOWS XP or Windows Vista

This procedure for a FIRST TIME installation of SongBaseXP

NOTE: If you have a current copy of SongBase already installed, this procedure will OVERWRITE the data in the
current SongBase. Please backup your data file SBDAT01.MDB to another folder. Uninstall any previous copies
of SongBase before installing this version.

SAVE these files to your DESKTOP:
SongBase Program File (93 Megs - Broadband required)
Additional Background Images (13 Megs - these are not needed if you don't do Video Projection)
MP3 Audio Samples (160 Megs - we can ship a CD so you may wish to wait to install these from the CD)

Execute each file:
>Double-click each file name after it is downloaded. DO NOT RUN from the server.
>During the instalationl you may be asked to go to the web and install other support files. Return to your initial SongBase installation after installing required support files.

Open SongBase and Register/Activate:

>Open SongBase and you'll see a REGISTER ONLINE button SEE A MOVIE
>This opens a form that gives an option to REGISTER ON LINE
>Click that button and enter your PRODUCT ID (a 10 digit number we provided)
>Fill in your full name and church information - if the church owns the program)
>Click GET ACTIVATION CODE then click OK - data should be imported - if you purchased data.
>Go to SETUP and enter church information a CCLI # and make up a 4 letter USER CODE

Check For New Song Updates:
>If you purchased the support PLAN then you can access our live update service
>Make sure you are connected to the Internet
>Open SONGS (Song Entry Screen)
>Click the LIVE UPDATES button in upper right corner (Check or uncheck the OVERWITES and MP3 options)
>Click the GO button (the PRODUCT ID and Password must first be installed in the SongBase SETUP)
>Click SUBMIT- this opens the members login web page
>Click the GET LIVE UPDATE button and wait a few minutes for completion
>A listing of newly imported songs will appear ( the downloaded data includes sample mp3 and album cover image.