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So you finally got a new computer! Your new hard drive has a different serial number from your old computer. SongBase uses that number for security purposes to assure your license can't be transferred without our knowing. We will provide a NEW ACTIVATION CODE upon receipt of the COMPUTER CODE (hard drive serial number) from the new computer. We also require your PRODUCT ID (In your Software package).


Install the newest version of SongBase on the new computer. This can be downloaded from our upgrade page.

Open SongBase and click the "Click Here to Activate" Button in the Center of the Startup Screen

Obtain The GREEN COMPUTER CODE NUMBER in the top center of the REGISTER form. This number is unique to your computer.

Email or phone in your PRODUCT ID and COMPUTER CODE to or call
1-800-717-7833 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday PACIFIC TIME North America

When you receive the ACTIVATION CODE enter it into the RED field in the Registration form and click the the ACTIVATE button.

Enter your Product ID # into the BLUE FIELD

Note: eMail might be required for overseas users and on Weekends. We always attempt to return your number as soon as possible. If there is someone in the office and they see the request come through they will process your request even on weekends.