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Running SongBase With MS ACCESS 2003

SongBase is based on Microsoft Access 2002. We provide a runtime edition of Access 2002 with our software. If you computer has Access 2002 or 2003 (part of OFFICE PREMIUM or OFFICE PROFESSIONAL) you could experience strange errors with SongBase.

Pure Virtual Function Call - this error is the most common and it comes from a conflict between our Access Runtime and your MS Access 2003. There are 2 possible ways to solve this.

1. Uninstall Access 2003 from your system and then reinstall SongBase. This method may not be an option for you becasue you are using Access for certain other applications.

2. Best Option - Run SongBase using your Access 2003.

This is a simple change to the ICON for SongBase on your desktop.

a. Right-click the desktop icon for SongBase

b. Select Properties and then select the Shortcut tab

c. Highlight and DELETE the text in the "Target"

d. Replace the text with C:\songbasexp\sb2005xp.mde
c. Save and close the Properties box and run SongBase
e. On some systems a security warning will appear when Access loads - just click OPEN
f. Perform the same procedure for the SongBaseXP icon in the START>ALL PROGRAMS>SONGBASEXP menu. Just right-clickon the SongBaseXP icon and do the sames steps above.