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    Installation Instructions

Instructions for Installing the DEMO

1) Download the file SONGBASEXP.EXE or SONGBASE2003.EXE file and save it to your DESKTOP or to some other folder you can easily locate.

2) To install, double click the icon on your desktop. Follow install instructions.

3) The demo will be installed to a subdirectory called C:\SONGBASEXP or C:\SB2000 (don't change this)

4) To Remove the Demo: Select the UNINSTALL OPTION in the Programs Menu.

5) RUNNING SongBase: Click the SongBase ICON on your Desktop. The demo will run for 30 days. If you try to change the computer clock to squeeze more demo time, Songbase will cease to work completely. There are 2 HELP screens available in the demo. There are 34 sample songs included.

   Entering Your Own Songs

You can activate the demo by obtaining a PRODUCT ID# when you purchase SongBase. Any songs you type into the program in DEMO MODE will not be lost when you activate the program and import the master data file. We suggest you back up the file called SBDAT01.MDB just to make sure.